Forex economic calendar

Forex traders are well aware of the fact that fluctuations in currency pairs or other trading instruments available to them begin to occur most actively at those moments when important economic and political news discussed in Parliament is published on this market.

In other words, the Forex economic calendar is those events announcements schedule that can have a significant impact on the financial market (inflation index, unemployment rate, interest rates, economic growth parameters, etc.). These events vary greatly in their importance, so it is always important to be able to interpret them correctly and understand to what extent they should be taken into account.

Like many other currencies, the Iranian rial is also actively traded on the Forex exchange today. This became possible thanks to the Iranian economy events coverage by our broker.

By using the Iranian Forex economic calendar, you have the following opportunities:

  • • be among the first to learn this country important economic news;
  • • understand the price movement chart and thus look for a convenient entry point to the market;
  • • make decisions on conducting financial transactions with the Iranian currency (i.e. with currency pairs concerning the main currencies to the Iranian rial), Iranian shares, national raw materials, stock indices and other financial instruments available for your trade.