Forex exchange rates in Iran





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Anyone can start working on the Forex market in Iran. But successful trading implies a market state detailed analysis and the strategies’ construction based on the current situation. To perform profitable operations, you need to use the tools that are used by successful traders.

Graph analysis

It has long been revealed that financial markets operate according to certain mathematical laws. You just need to learn to distinguish between upward and downward trends. Events development all possible patterns have already been described. For example, the most famous charting technical analysis tools are as follows:

  • • Pennant;
  • • Head and Shoulders;
  • • Fibonacci fan.

Many other tools analyse current trends and market cyclicity. And to make money on exchange rates, they should be studied.


A trader who wants to make money should not only watch the chart rise and fall but also follow the news background in the world. Often, an event in the shortest possible time turns a currency pair in the opposite direction, contrary to the market logical analysis. Therefore, to understand the general situation on the market, it is extremely important to follow the large companies and states economic news. You should read the specialized media about finance, providing an events qualitative analysis that happened.