MetaTrader 5 trading platform in Iran

MetaTrader 5 is a trading terminal that specializes in working in various exchanges, namely, stock, currency and futures. The proposed platform is operating capable in several trading markets at once. The trading instrument developers tried to ensure the terminal practicality and quality for traders. For example, quotes, testing technical analysis attributes’ all sorts, as well as the market strategies creation independent trading, and the like.


MetaTrader 5 for PC
System requirements: Windows 7/8/10
MetaTrader 5 for Mac OS
System requirements: all Apple devices including MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro
MetaTrader 5 for Iphone
Iphone, IPod touch or Ipad. IOS 8.0 or later version is required.
MetaTrader 5 for Android
System requirements: Android 4.0 or latest version.
MetaTrader 5 for Linux
Iphone, IPod touch or Ipad. IOS 8.0 or later version is required.

Advantages and opportunities MT5:

    After installing the MetaTrader 5 trading platform, the trader himself can use the most modern trading instrument.

    MetaTrader 5 has the following advantages:

  • • orders a diverse range for the currencies and stocks sale;
  • • over seventy analytical options;
  • • 21 timeframe on clear trading charts;
  • • using the proposed platform, you can immediately track over 90 working quotation charts;
  • • four main modes with a trading position;
  • • opening a trading position with one mouse click;
  • • self-trading and tester;
  • • the system improved version for receiving trade messages; such a system allows the trader to have more time to repeat transactions after the professionals;
  • • an algorithm specializing in informing the trader process about the pressing market news future release.

When creating an above options combination, the proposed trading platform can quickly respond to market jumps and create all the conditions for successful trading on Forex in Iran.

Updated MetaTrader5 functions

The developers have made important changes to the platform system, improving the opening positions’ process related to trading activities. The program will remain easy to use and effective, but it already has several updated options that are directly related to the positions’ adjustment depending on the funds’ number on the market.

The MetaTrader5 Forex platform is supported on all devices. It helps the trader to be all the events aware in the market